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a man selling books on broad street. I bought two panphlets entilete "What Every Lady must do to Avoid Late Marriage" and "27 Serious Mistakes Singles Make".

This is the description on the back of the "Late Marriage" booklet

"The isue of LATE MARRIAGE is becoming a growing concern to the body of Christ. At the age of 30 yrs., a lady is not yet engaged and no young man seems to be interested in her.. At about 35 yrs., a lady still seems hopeless about marriage. This is sometimes devastating and dehumanizing. It is the burden to once more fully address this problem that necessitated the writing of this book, "What Every Lady Must Do To Avoid Late Marriage".

here is a quote from the section "Your self-image and self-worth"

"Every young man desires a responsible, good looking, disciplined, peace-loving, and God fearing lady for a wife. In addition to the above, every young man desires a neat, hard working, inteligent and possibly self-sustenant lady for a wife. The way you talk and the kind of people you associate with will either elevate or reduce your self-worth morally, educationally, spiritually and possibly financially. Young men of high esteem will be scrambling to marry you as those of low class will even feel inferior to approach you for marriage. At the same time, you must humble yourself to respect the lowest, poorest or uneducated brother irrespective of your status. When people notice this virtue in you, it icrease your self-image. Every young man wants to marry a lady he can be proud of.

You should learn to live a honest and simple life. Dress neatly, elegantly and modestly. Avoid dressing flamboyantly such that you will look like Jezebel or proud or carnal. People should always see the glory of Christ radiating all round you."

The content sounds comical but it is sadly reflective of the low status women hold here. Today I read a report that said as many as 70% of Liberian women have been raped. Rape was made illegal in December 2005. Before that time only gang rape was illegal.

Throughout the city you find graphic anti-rape signs.

It makes me so grateful to be born in a western country.

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