Tuesday, October 2, 2007

writing on the wall

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On Saturday I went back to the Hotel Ducor. As I walked through the abandon hallways I noticed the writing on the walls. There were many sad inscriptions and disturbing phrases.

Outside the hotel, our group met it's caretaker. He was an older Liberian man who has been taking care of the hotel since the 70's. He still lives in a room underneath the building. He gave us a brief history of the hotel.

In the 80''s the hotel was a five star resort and rooms cost 165$ a night. In the early 90's the hotel was home to Liberia's interim president. It was later used as a military base and finally a home for refugees.

The hotel has been bought by Libyan’s who plan on restoring the hotel to it's former self. They are scheduled to start construction in one month's time. The project is slated to take two years.

The hotel is perched on a beautiful hill and provides an inclusive view on Monrovia. I would like to see it when it is finished.

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