Sunday, November 4, 2007

American Platts

Tonight I took care of a group of VVF ladies. Aren't they beautiful?
These girls are between the ages of 20 - 23, a few years younger than me. I can't imagine being that young and dealing with the trauma of having a baby die, undergoing a difficult birth, and then being left with a constantly draining bladder. These women truly experience a tragedy.
Tonight, I exercise until 1:40 pm and still managed to take a shower and arrive early for my 2:00 pm shift. Needless to say my hair, which is very long and in desperate need of cutting, was quite wet. When I unleashed my ponytail in Faith ward, the women were amazed at my "fine, plenty, plenty" hair. They wanted to platt (braid) it.
Seeing that wet hair is easy to platt and I didn't have any pressing nursing care to perform, I grabbed my comb and rubber bands and made myself comfortable on bed 2. My only requests was that I received "American platts" (what I have in my hair) rather than "Country platts" (cornrows).
Immediately after sitting down, six ready hands attacked my long, brown hair. Within a half hour's time, my entire head was filled with "American platts".
They girls then requested that I took their picture. I obliged.
It's the small things that enable you to connect with people, to build relationships.
Things as small as "American platts".

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