Saturday, November 3, 2007


Today when I was walking through the hall I bumped into a former maxio- facail patient who was at the hospital for a follow up appointment. Dressed in a beautiful red and white African outfit, she seemed very excited to see me as she quickly dug into the bag she was holding.

She pulled out a red and blue lappa (a lappa is about three yards of fabric) and pushed it towards my hands.

"It's for you. I looked for you last week (when here for a follow up appointment) but did not see you. You are African lady. Thank you."

I took the lappa and thanked her for the gift and told her if I ever have children I would use the lappa to carry them on my back.

It was humbling to receive her present. In a place where people have nothing she was giving me a token of thanks. Giving out of her poverty.

I have much to learn about generosity.

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