Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My friend Lyndsay asked me to come to the orphanage she visits and take some pictures for her. My plan was to be as covert but that ended up being impossible. As soon as the kids saw my camera I was immediately flocked too and followed. I guess that's what celebrities feel like.
After the initial camera shock, and some helpful advice form myself to the kids, things settled down a little. Kids are so universal. It doesn't matter what country they are from, how much or little they have, they are all starving for affection, love, security, and safety. They like to play with toys and sing songs. They like to be mischievous.

A couple from Mercy Ships is building a new, larger orphanage for these children and will live their starting in February. Right now, the kids live in a tiny building with a girls bunk room, a boys bunk room, and one small open all purpose room. The area outside the house is fenced in and very small. There is very little room for the kids to play. At the new house, they have planned to have some open space.
Here are some photos of the kids.

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