Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My friend Marla is leaving tomorrow (sad face). Marla went to U of Penn, has attended Aaron Cambell's church, shares my affection for the Bubble House, and is just plain fun to be around.

Today, when we were watching the ship dry dock we were laughing about all the moms that think we'd be just right for their sons. The life of a single, Christian girl :). We came up with a master plan to make things a bit easier for us as we transition back to America, a.k.a. we started our own Facebook group.

Our group is called "I know your Mom wants you to marry me (apply here)".

The description is "Being a friendly, Christian, single girl is enough make any mom throw her son out there. We thought we'd bridge the gap between what could be, what ought be, and what never should have been thought up, with a quick, easy application."

We had fun laughing at oursleves, per usual. I hope to never take myself too seriously.


Uncle Bruce said...

I know Jesus can do miracles girls, but come on!!!!

One other question should be.

Can you walk on water?

megan petock said...

this is just an assessment tool..we aren't making any value judgements :)

Anonymous said...

meg you konw i was just kidding right?

You should never settle for anything other than Gods Best for you. And you will know it!