Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dry dock

Our ship is out of the water. We are docked in the middle of a shipyard surrounded by metal, steel, and yard workers. It's a little strange. No more water for the Africa Mercy, at least not for the next week.

Dry dock is a time when the ship will be inspected and any needed maintenance will be performed. We have limited water and electricity, which means sometimes the toilets don't flush and the air conditioning is turned off. Which means my cabin on deck three, with not windows or ventilation, is a bit toasty at night.

Yesterday, while we were being placed in our position in the shipyard. we had a series of rolling blackouts. For a few hours only the emergency lighting and phones were turned on. The ship was strangely quiet and looked a bit like a ghost town. The toilets were unflushable for at least four hours.

There is always some new excitement aboard the Africa Mercy.

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