Sunday, January 27, 2008


Every once in a while I slip and forget that American electronics don't work in English powered outlets.

Carlos, every one's favorite Brazilian bio medical technician and my former neighbor, is back on the ship. He has there fore reclaimed his router and taken it to the fourth deck to his new room. Therefore, cabin 3426 no longer reaps the wireless Internet benefits of having Carlos and his router next door.

Thankfully, while I was home, I foresaw this possibility and bought a router while at home. Tonight, as my bunk mate Michelle handed me a cable I could use for the Internet, I got excited that I had a well foreseen plan to avoid this situation.

Quickly, I found my router and assembled the needed pieces to make it work. Just as I was about to connect to the now available network, two sparks flew out of the electrical socket.

And then I remembered that my American plug in devices weren't made to run on 120-240 power, and my router doesn't work now.

Michelle and I just laughed. My family would say I had been "skutched". I guess that's one of the downfalls of having the excitement level and attention span of the average four year old. Acting without really thinking it through.

At least we are in Tenerife and Michelle said she'd go in on a new one. We do appreciate our wireless Internet.

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