Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday two cruise ships pulled in port next to the Africa Mercy. One was a giant, the other a mammouth. They were incredibly huge and incredibly beautiful. I imagine that millions of millions of dollars are involved in their creation and upkeep.

The sides were both a fresh crisp white, which made our ship look a bit grungy. There were beautiful windows and glass as well as what appeared to an be endless assortment of rooms and dining halls.

After docking, hundreds of tourist would emerge, clothed in sundresses and tank tops, to explore the town of Santa Cruz, returning to the ships with arm fulls of bought goods.

And there sits our happy little ship, which looked like a palace in Liberia next to the abandoned pirate ship and have sunk navy vessel in Monrovia's port. Now it looks a bit more like a pauper.

But we have something none of the other ships have; a purpose. Our ships brings physical and spiritual healing to thousands of the world's poorest people. Our travels are not to temporary distract a wondering mind or to act as a mediator of self indulgence; we are here to serve others.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with going on vacation. Who doesn't want to sit on a beautiful beach every so often? But I must say, I think I'd rather sleep on a dirt floor with a purpose than stay in a posh room just because I want too.

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