Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today I had a guest on board.

A few weeks ago I asked my roomate Dorathy how her day was whne she entered cabin 3426. She said it was great and proceeded to tell me about a nurse she had been orienting in the admission tent. Her name is Attealia.

Attealia left Liberia about six years ago and lived in the United States, more specifically New Jersey. There, all alone, she went through a LPN program, got her professional liscence, and worked as a nurse. She sent her money back to Liberia so she could feed her six brothers and isters as well as her husband and own two children.

She is back in Liberia for the first time since she left and heard about the work of Mercy Ships. She wanted to utilize her nursing skills and help her own people. She has been a perfect fit working in our admissions department. I know they are really happy to have her.

Attealia asked if I could have her younger brother as a guest so she could show him the ship. So tonight, they were my guests.

I found them both remarkable. Her younger brother, Edwin, is 22. He has just finished high school and is trying to find away to attend college. He sings and has recorded his own tape of

self-written songs. He has also written a book about his experiences during the war.

Attealia and Edwin are how Liberia will be rebuilt. They have and are still facing unbelievable difficulties but they are still moving forward. That is courage. They are both courageous.

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