Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Liberian Maraton

Tonight as I jogged on the dock I was joined by over 30 miniature pairs of running legs.

We have many families that live on board the ship together. It's really nice to have them. It gives a sense of balance and "normalizes" (as normal as life on an international floating hospital ship in Liberia can be) to ship life. Collectively they have a ridiculous amount of beautiful children (the kids on this ship really are extra gorgeous)

Once a week the children assemble on the dock to partake in the running club, which is ran by a few of the on board academy teachers. Each child has a lanyard with a laminated paper foot. After completing a lap on the dock, they get a hole punched in the foot. The being that if they come and run every week they will have collectively ran a marathon.

It was so cute to see the kids running back and forth, some holding each others hands, and all were excited to collect a hole punch.

I have recently decided that I would some day like to run a marathon. Maybe this could be my big chance. Maybe I could get a paper laminated foot.

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