Monday, March 31, 2008

an international fashion revolution

What girls on hospital ships do for fun on the weekends...(well, what girls like us do for fun on the weekends..)

The letters UNMIL hold a special meaning to anyone who has been on the Africa Mercy. The official uniform of the weekend warrior.

We have taken the 1.5 mile journey to the small Mecca on UN Drive and feel the world should share in our discovery.

Here is a sneak peak at an international fashion revolution. These shirts are hot.

see more of the revolution here


tyronebcookin said...

I am sure UNMIL would buy a calendar if you created it...can you say, 'financial support'.

Yeah, not sure how 'MS' would respond to that...hahahaha

Dave Carrol said...

Fantastic... you missionary models you.

Robyn said...

ooooh, i have one of these shirts! love you meg, can't wait till you're home!