Tuesday, March 25, 2008

madness. march.

I know my dad was probably a little upset after this weekend. And that his bracket is severely ruined. Why? because four out of the five Big East team were eliminated from the NCAA Men's national basketball tournament. Villanova is all the Big East has left (which is pretty exciting seeing they are a 12 seed).

Life on the ship can be challenging. Sometimes it's frustrating when just want to read Bible for an hour by yourself and after 45 minutes of moving and trying to hide you realize your efforts are completely futile: there just isn't anywhere quiet to go. I'm really looking forward to long summer drives at night, quiet mornings with fresh coffee, and fields full of thick green grass.

But I would be a liar, as I sit in my air conditioned cabin with my wireless Internet, if I told you my life on the ship was hard. It's really not. I think this is basically the Beverly Hills of missionary life. really.

I didn't have time to fill out a bracket this year. I have broken a family tradition but I guess it will just have to forgivable. However, our ship has a satellite and I was able too watch three full hours of march madness glory. And I even watched with people who enjoy college basketball even more than I do and get equally excited about a last minute three point shot that goes in.

Big plans are in motion to ensure that we have the ESPN channel signed out this weekend. We might even eat pizza as we watch.

I really love college basketball. I can't believe I get to watch from Liberia.

Yeah, my life is pretty is tough.

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