Monday, March 24, 2008

solomon and samuel

I can officially go home. The twins mother said, "You are Solomon and Samuel's auntee." My family will attest that my most proclaimed and premeditated goal for my time in Africa was to convince as many children as possible to call me "auntee megan". She called me "aunte meggee", but I feel that it still counts. mission accomplished.

Solomon was such a happy baby. He loved to clap, smile, and laugh. Last night her serenaded me with a series of rather determined coos and intonations. He had so much to say. Aside from his general delight fullness Solomon was a great snuggler. Some babies resist love; not Solomon. Once you picked him up it was not long until he relaxed his entire body, burrowed his head into your neck, and melted into you chest. We slow danced in this state on several occasions. I am under the opinion that holding a baby is one of the most amazing experiences in life. They are just so wonderful.

This is Solomon. When his brother Samuel came back from surgery he was in a great amount of pain and demanded the soothing of his mother. I cannot imagine having twins. Two small people who need you all the time. wow.

Their mother could not comfort Samuel and watch Solomon. So, Solomon was crawling and squirming on his bed...looking like a head injury waiting to happen. It did not require much imagination to see him toppling off the bed. Seeing that I was busy with my other patients I could not hold Solomon the entire shift (although I would have liked to do so) but I also really was not interested in taking care of a neurologically injured child. So did the only logical thing. I strapped Solomon on my back.

If I ever have kids they are going to be strapped on my back. It's just so efficient. I don't care how strange the neighbors might think I am.

Solomon stayed on my back for about an 1 1/2. If you ever are feeling unloved I recommend strapping a baby to your back. I never knew I had so many friends. Solomon was a huge popularity booster.
But it's not very hard to see why. I happily obliged sparing him from a head injury.
The twins went home today. They are nine months old, both have chunky legs, and are extremely snuggly. This morning I checked on them and found them both fast asleep each on different sides of their mother. It was a priceless picture. They have both gotten a ridiculous amount of attention from the nursing staff. But they really are more than worthy of every minute of it.
I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my heart is easily stolen by cute boys under the age of two, but I feel these boys pulled on my heartstrings with a heavier than usual weight. I'm going to miss their snuggles.

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Anonymous said...

They are the cutest!!
How fun, and I love their names.

Love you!