Friday, April 25, 2008

the boys of a ward

sweet baby james. his 4 month twin sister had cleft lip surgery. james was the bonus prize. a very cute and snuggly bonus prize i might add.

a few of my charges this week

a sweet 11 year old boy. he was NPO for an entire day and his surgery got cancelled :( but he didn't complain. Instead, he gave me a mango as a little present. I just tucked him in and prayed with him before he went to bed. he flashed me the sweetest little boy smile.

first off, that is totally no how his name should be spelled. sorry-o. He has two wives, which upon my learning I gave him a hard time. I told him he must be a very busy man and that I would never stand for that. he gave me a devilish/charming smile that indicated he quite liked his circumstance.

I sat down and he explained about his "big" wife and his "small" wife. he is 64. his big wife is 72 and his small wife is 46. He married the big wife in the 70's and the small one in 1991. He has children from both women.

upon our discussion of wives I learned he is a Muslim. he told me Muslims and Christians are the same. I disagreed and inquired why /how he was going to heaven. he didn't really have an answer. I told him we were different because I knew I was going to heaven and proceeded to tell him about Christ and the cross. we were friends and he listened. (one of the listening fathers later confided "I like your evangelism")

late I told him to think about what we talked about.

bed 18
a sassy 32 year old man who has demonstrated some of the qualities that made me never want to take care of men. this morning I causally mentioned he was a bit sassy in report and discovered that he had been sassy with some of the other nurses as well (not a good sassy).

today he had a little chat with one of the male surgeon's who told him the proper treatment of women; more specifically the nursing staff, and let him know that any deem able inappropriate behaviour would result in an immediate discharge from the ward.

things have been much better tonight. the universality of human nature always cracks me up.

nine months old. has the sweetest little angelic face and fair skin tone. he doesn't cry, not even when I give him his nebulizer. his mother is equally lovely and sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Megan,
I wish I could come and cuddle the little babies with you! You are doing an amazing job over there. I am excited to see you adn hear all of your stories and see your pictures. God bless your last couple of weeks.