Sunday, April 27, 2008


And then we added some members...and changed a bit.
In this photo: Lucas Darway Megan Petock Benjamin Petock Nicolas Pezzato Justin Grow Linda Petock Scott Cella

Laughing hard and loud is probably my favorite thing to do. I find that it's rarely what I am doing but instead who I am with that determines whether or not I am having a good time.
Fortunately for me, I know a slew of people that share my rather off beat sense of humor.

My brother and his friends for example.

The above photos represents their current obsession; scouring the Internet for photos of old bands and "tagging" each person in the photos which the name of a friend they resemble. The following dialogue accompanied this picture

Justin Grow
is anyone else a little surprised at how accurate these tend to be?

Justin Grow
general classifications.
me: tall, glasses.
ben: the happy everyman
deedle: the babyface
nic: piles of hair
lucas: creepy old guy
megan: girl.

Daniel Faehl
Nick, you should really grow it out again.

Megan Petock
wow. seeing this picture and reading Justin's comment makes me believe in stereotyping.

Linda Petock
Was it necessary to tag me? Don't you know other girls on Facebook who would like to be in your Swedish Band Fantasy. I think I am a little to old.

Justin Grow
In reply to your second question: No, Ben does not know any other girls.
Although I do like the phrase "Swedish Band Fantasy." It sounds like a potential ride/ 3D show in the part of Disney World with all the countries.

Benjamin Petock
I'm telling you guys. Reincarnation is true, and we were totally in a Swedish dance band together in a past life. That's why these are so accurate, and that's why we formed a band together. It makes so much sense.

I was showing one of our Liberian translator's online photos of my home and family, when we stumbled across this. I started laughing so hard I could not finish my sentence. He REALLY didn't get it (but he did give a polite smile :).

I suppose we all have our tastes in humor; or maybe you just have to know my friends to really appreciate the combination of the photo and dialogue.

Either way, it's always nice to have a reason to laugh when you are alone in A ward in the middle of the night. And I really can't wait to laugh with my family.

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