Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fort McHenry

Last week US Navy Ship, the USS Fort McHenry, was floating in Liberian waters. Last Saturday, Mercy Ships crew members were able to tour the ship. The Navy sent a small boat to to shuttle us from the port to the ship and then gave us an almost three hour tour (but ours did not end on some forgotten island...).

We were able to see the entire vessel and even sit in the captain's chair on the bridge. The men and women on the ship were extremely friendly and courteous. They went out of their way to be hospitable. As an American in Liberia it is always exciting to meet other Americans. To not get weird looks when I tell someone what state I am from and to freely discuss the enjoyability March madness. I even met a few east coasters and fellow Pennsylvanians (what a great state!).

I can add touring an active duty navy ship to the list of things I never expected to do while in Liberia. It's really as exciting as it gets on a hospital ship in West Africa :).

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