Thursday, April 3, 2008


Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendigo live in Liberia.

They are brothers, more specifically triplets. Their mother died 3 days after they were born and their grandmother, Hawa, now is there caregiver. Their father father is not involved.

As indicated by the photo of him and his grandmother, Shadrack is one of the cutest, sturdiest, two year old boys you will ever meet. I first met him at an ortho screening day last week and again in the admissions tent on Monday when he came for surgery.

He had his right club foot repaired on the ship this week. Last night he was my patient.

When I arrived on A ward to work last night I was quite excited. The row of bed's I was responsible for was filled with adorable, casted children.

Shadrack had a green camouflage cast of which his five toes stuck out of. He spent the night sleeping like a sturdy rock and I regularly found him curled in the arms of his grandmother.

Their mother was Hawa's daughter. She not only suffered the loss of her daughter but has taken on the challenge and responsibility of raising three strapping, young boys. She is a sweet, sweet lady, who thanked me almost every time I lest Shadrack's bedside.

I told her to find me if she ever brings all three boys to the ship :)

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