Saturday, April 5, 2008


Emmanuel lives at an orphanage that is regularly visited by Mercy Ships crew. He spent the first nine years of his life walking around on two club feet. It was painful and he could never keep up with his friends.
Last year, Emmanuel had his left club foot repaired. This week he came back to the ship and had a second operation on his right foot. After a few weeks in a cast and some rehabilitation he will finally be able to keep up with the other kids.
As you can see, Emmanuel has a beautiful, bright white smile. He is small for a ten year old and his now using pint sized crutches to get around. I am writing a story about Emmanuel and yesterday went down to the ward to interview him.
He is normally fairly open and outgoing but he got so shy when I started to ask him questions. I sadly admit even my most gentle coaxing remained rather unfruitful (I remember getting shy at that age as well...if you can imagine me shy...). However, when asking him what things he likes to do, his caretaker Lucy, coached him into telling me he likes to sing. The confession was followed by a live, bedside concert, of which I was the grateful audience.
Bursting out of his shyness, Emmanuel sang a sweet, pure rendition of the African song "Thank Papa God, thank ye." I even have the whole thing recorded on audio. It's precious.
He's precious.

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fiji1983I look forward to reading your communications article/story on Emmanuel. Thank you for sharing his story with others. He is a special kid.