Friday, May 16, 2008

dock life

the classic self-portrait. good thing my arms are long.
The ability to drink large amounts of coffee is probably my greatest skill. And for the record, I brew my own. As I like to tell those who drink from the dining room fountain of black staleness,
"In the petock household we don't re-heat; we re-brew."

Becky upholding the Mercy Ships phenomenon known as "dock love." "Dock love", an important cultural establishment is to be rivaled only be the alternative phenomenon of "Deck 8 Love." Most of these exhibitionist are not seen during daylight hours but come out in droves under the cover of night. All you need is a watchful eye and you too can see such wonders.

The ship kids play Simon Says.

Carlos giving David advice about women.
Carlos: If you like a girl, you come visit her at work and give her a cookie. Then you give her chocolates. Then you give her your heart."

Mary Lou: the hospitality goddess. To know her is to love her.
Mary Lou: So do you ladies have a list of what you want in a man?
Becky: Well, I think I have pretty much narrowed it down to Mercy Ships core values.
The lovely power couple Peggy & Mark. Peggy is the ward physician; Mark is a maxilla-facial surgeon.

Clapping because the sun set so beautifully.

I am told the sunsets are prettiest here in May. To test this theory I have been eating dinner on the dock at night and watching the sun fade into the horizon.

I'm becoming a believer. And the company sure is nice.
I must say though, I don't really like taking photos of sunsets because I find a picture never captures their radiance and beauty.

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