Saturday, May 17, 2008

no shampoo

my curls on shampoo. and humidity. and wind.
"mer-fairy megan" and "futuristic Chissy" attend the "creatures of the deep" theme party. circa 2005.
Chrissy & I going to Penang for Malasian fusion food late in the night @ Christmas time

see the difference?

It's been about six weeks since Michelle left cabin 3426. Whenever a roommate leaves it is the appropriate response to leave something for their other cabin mates to remember them by (in other words, they leave the things they don't want anymore and/or cannot fit into their bags).

This collection of goods will first be put through and inspection by all members of the cabin, starting with the person's bunk mate, and then what did not pass will be taken down to deck two and placed in "the boutique", which is the equivalent of a ship run thrift store.

When Michelle left she carried on the tradition and I inherited several kinds of hair toiletries. Convenient, because my over sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner I had brought from home at Christmas time was just running out.

It took a week of using Michelle's products, what I had assumed were shampoo and conditioner, for me to realize that I probably should have read the bottles before using them ( alight oversight). When I finally read the bottle I realized I had two conditioners and no shampoo; I had been doubly conditioning for about a week.

My best friend Chrissy has been preaching the "Curly Girl" life style. Although it's not really life style, it's more of a religion (not really). Chrissy owns the book (which I have read) which explains in detail a proposed way to make your naturally curly hair even curlier. For example, not washing with shampoo, having a "curly" haircut, not blow drying it, and being weary of products are a few of the instituted regulations. When Chrissy started "following the rules" I must say I, who was rather cynical, became a believer. (your can read more about it here)

I had always wanted to try the curly girl way of life but was always to busy to put forth the non-effort needed. However, after not washing my hair with shampoo for a week, I decided there is not time like the present.

Last night was the first time I washed my hair with shampoo in 6 weeks. Chrissy would be proud. I don't know that I can say my hair felt mush curlier (although I never really bother to do anything with it here) but it did feel much softer and was surprisingly not greasy. Yesterday, I did purchase a bottle of shampoo, but I think I will only use it once a week.

Thus continuing my quest for curls.

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