Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a few reasons to smile....

these moments made me smile...
Last night I stopped by B ward to say goodnight to Gaye. Gaye is a sweet 21 year old patient who after being here for almost a week, was finally able to receive his surgery. Or "his work", in Liberian English.

I came to his bedside and found him reading a book. We have quite the reading club right now (which is wonderful). I sat down and he handed my a neatly peeled greenish yellow orange.

"I saved it for you. It is sweet."

It was sweet.
Lucky Boy came back for a cast change. He is a 1 1/2 year old who had a bilateral club foot repair. He from Ganta in Liberia's up country, and spent two days traveling to come to the ship.

Every two weeks the orthopedic team holds a screening on the dock to determine who will be scheduled for surgery. Lucky Boy (that really is his name) showed up 5 minutes before the screenings end and was able to claim a surgical slot for the following day. He really was a lucky boy.

The pediatric club feet patients have their cast changed under general anesthesia so we get to see them again. It's nice; the first time around the kids are scared and rather miserable. They don't like their casts and they aren't use to white skin.

But the second time is a charm (kind of). When Lucky boy came in he was sitting on his bed with his two little casted legs, smiling and clapping. When it was dinner time, he had one of the most enthusiastic faces I have ever seen on a baby. Apparently he really likes to eat and he doesn't care who know it. It was way too precious.
Junior is back for his cast change. His charm lies not only in his ridiculously cute face but in his innate ability to snuggle. He simply melts into you when you hold him.

Sadly, I was busy tonight and was not free to spend my entire shift stealing him from his mother. But I was partially free and I took advantage of the situation.

Club PICU worked together tonight. An historic first.

Alli and I were playing music on the ward when a Lauryn Hill song with a good beat sounded through the air. So we did what was logical; we had a dance party.

We danced up and down the ward to the delight of the patients. They even approved of our dancing. Milton, who I call "the Reverend" told me I looked like Micheal Jackson. I don't know that there is much truth to that statement but a girl will take what she can get :)
Laughing is one of my favorite things to do. Probably my favorite actually. Life is too amusing and sometimes to sad not to laugh.

MaHawa is beautiful. And she really like to laugh.

We became forever friends when I made two paper and glue stick flowers for her. One for her; one for her sister.

She has two silly shoes she has to wear when she walks on her crutches. She looks to cute when she waddles throughout the ward.

Her mother has seven children. She is a "strong African women." I told her I am a weak American girl and could not imagine having that many babies. MaHawa piped up,
"Meggee, I will pray you have eight babies."
"Meggee, I will pray you have ten babies, and two sets of twins."
"Meggee, I will pray you have 20 babies."

That was enough, Winston who was in the corner had to intervene.
"MaHawa, you will kill the girl."

MaHawa just laughed. I'm just banking on the fact that she's not a prophetess.
Alfred is a bit of a star on the Ward. He is a 14 year old boy that spent almost two months on the ward. We all love him.

Last night, he was listening to his palm sized radio while sitting on his bed. I sat down and made him share his headphones. Together we enjoyed the melodious beats of Akon.

Tonight he wanted me to open his orange Fanta. After opening it he insisted I took some for myself.

At least he didn't make me eat Fufu (He has made Ali eat fufu before..God bless her heart).
At the rate things are going, my six berth cabin will soon be cleared of the Library of Christian books I hauled across the Atlantic ocean.

Milton is a pastor. Every night and every morning her prays for the ward and quotes scripture verses. He's praying that Ali and I marry Godly Christian men. He asks me how my Nana is everyday and sends his regards (Milton says hello Nana!). He laughed at me when I was drinking a blended coffee drink. He's asked me about my theology, my testimony, and inquired about my church. He likes to talk. And he said I danced like Micheal Jackson.

All reasons we have become friends.

Milton likes to read and has been pours through each book I give him. So far he has read C.S. Lewis, K.P. Yohannon, Dave Derecky, Charles Swindoll, and Amy Carmicheal. He always picks a point that he found encouraging and shares it with me.

I just really like Milton. It will be fun to spend eternity with him.

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Renee Hubka said...

Meg, each story brings me home - each story reminds me of my own....thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell everyone on the ward I send my regards to them!