Monday, May 5, 2008


If things continue on as they are I am quite convinced I will have nothing left of my heart upon my return to Bucks County.

These beautiful children come and completely thieve my heart only to be promptly discharged.

Little Grace is 6 months old. Her size and developmental milestones seem make her seem more like a 3 month old, but her mother assured me she was born in October.

Grace has a head full of tiny black platts and long, becoming eyelashes. She is precious.

Throughout my shifts I stopped as often as time allowed, stealing her from her mother, so I could snuggle with her. When we snuggled I had to mind her tiny white cast that covered her entire right leg.

What will I do when i can't walk down the hall and know there are children waiting for to hold. I will most likely go through serious withdrawal.


Mom said...

Well there is a involves matrimony and childbirth...aka grandchildren.

ha ha no pressure though.

megan petock said...

ha ha..I'm laughing hard on the inside. no really, I am.

maybe you just need to pray more.

or just be thankful you have two other children.

the odds are in your favor...
over 90% of Americans get married in their life time and 87% of women give birth.

thank you google.

Mom said...

Oh, I'm really so over that, I realize that God has work for you to do and I certainly don't want to get in the way of that. It is overwhelming to me sometimes the way He loves all those dear patients through you!

Besides, I love all of my surrogate African grandbabies! :)