Wednesday, May 28, 2008

staring at the sun

As we sit on the cusp of rainy season the sunsets have been enthrallingly beautiful. We have started a bit of a dock club dedicated to the sincere appreciation of the painted sky.
Tonight I sat with a group of lovely nurses and we talked and laughed as the sun slowly descended into it's evening home. We discussed important things like if you could be a super hero what would be your super power (can you say Shrimestopper?), I modeled my patent leather red shoes up and down the Liberian dock (and felt quite like myself), and we learned that toy chainsaws exist. We even had our own paparazzi (a photographer form a Dallas newspaper).
It's amazing to watch the sky morph into a new strain of vibrancy with each passing second. It leaves you awestruck. It makes me wish I could somehow melt into the colorful clouds.
It was a perfect night. The company was lovely, the air warm, the laughter loud, and the scenery breathtaking.
I readily admit to being quite boring. At home I can't claim to have an amazing social calender filled with interesting things to do. I simply prefer a good cup of coffee, a beautiful night, and some good friends.
Tonight I had all three. I don't think it gets much better then that.
more sunset photos here

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