Thursday, May 29, 2008


Name: Hot Dog Girl

Superpower: the uncanny ability to shoot hot dogs from all ten fingers at warp speeds.

Weakness: Inability to neatly eat cucumbers.

catch phrase: "Who's Hungry?"

Name: Invisagirl

Superpower: Ability to make herself invisible at any moment.

Favorite Pastime: Singing and Dancing to synthesized karaoke songs.

Years of service: Invisigirl has been serving the people of the world for 10 years. To commemorate her service she is launching her own handbag line this fall.

Name: Underwater Ali

Superpower: Ability to breath under water

15 minutes of fame: Ali successfully captured a series of photographs proving the authenticity of the Loch Ness Monster to the relief of the concerned global community. It looks like Japan isn't Nessie's only underwater ally.

Favorite food: FuFu

Name: Shrimestopper

Superpower: Ability to freeze time.

Day Job: Surgeon.

Nemesis: Father Time.

How I am keeping myself awake on nightshift.


Dave Carrol said...

wow... my question is... what was invisagirl doing pre-10 years ago.

dreaming is my guess... long... weird... dreams

marzbarz said...

oh my goodness Megan, congratulations on actualizing your dream of being able to shoot hot dogs from your fingers! This is very impressive.