Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the kings and queens of Narnia

I am enjoying my last few shifts on the ward. Only here do I feel so completely free to just pick up a baby and snuggle with it, knowing it's mother approves. Only here do my patients serenade me with homemade rap songs.

***Today while getting coffee my friend Ali found out I was caring for 21 year old Austin and told me to ask him the songs he had written. Back at the ward I was treated to a free concert. The chorus if the first song went like this,
Your walking like a stranger
Your talking like an angel
Your skin is made of cream-O
I say your fine-O
Baby girl your fine-O

All I can say is thank you Ali. *****

Today we watched "The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe". I freely admit that I tear up every time Peter, ready to take on the evil wiles of the white witch, heroically flings his sword in the the air and declares, "For Alsan, and for Narnia." I actually have the quote written in my Bible. I love the parallels to our Christian life. Why do we fight? For the God we love and the world that's lost. It's lovely.

As we watched Peter, Susan, Edwin, and Lucy be crowned kings and queens of Narnia, I felt inspired to crown our patients kings and queens as well. I was able to scavenge some shiny gold paper and create crowns to embrace the brows of our humble inhabitants. I even made one for myself.

I walked around the ward, flamboyantly placing the crowns on our patients heads and seriously telling them in a narrator's regal voice, "Once a king or queen in Narnia; always a king or queen in Narnia."
My over active imagination strikes again. Good thing I can almost get away with it when I am working with children. Almost.

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