Tuesday, June 23, 2009

megan 2.0

I am leaving for Benin in a little over a week! I'm getting really excited, mixed in with a little nerves and a little I-never-quite-like-saying-goodbye sadness.

This is the third time in two years I've packed up all my stuff and said goodbye. Normally, at the 1.5 week mark, I have piles of stuff strewn about, as I madly edit what stays and what goes.

For example,

Bucks County, Pennsylvania. May 29, 2007. Packing to come to Liberia.
Monrovia, Liberia. May 29, 2008. Packing to go home.

But, I feel I've grown up a bit this year, and perhaps the proof is in the picture
Bucks County, Pennsylvania. June 2009, packing to go to Benin (for the record, I'm not packing my dog, Sasha...but isn't she cute??? :)
I am nearly done packing and I'm not leaving for another 1.3 weeks. I feel like Megan 2.o.
I know my friends (particularly the ones in Liberia who were helping me finish packing 15 minutes before the Land Rover was leaving the ship to take me to the airport : ) would be proud.

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Anonymous said...

oh meg, i'm gonna miss you! we never did get together :( are you having a going away party again before you go?!? hope so! love you, robyn