Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lunch with miss Lindsay

Today I had a delicious Swiss cheese and portabella mushroom omelet for lunch, at a very cute cafe in South Philly, with my friend Lindsay. Lindsay and I met two years via a mutual friend via Myspace (I'm almost embarrassed to admit that).

Apparently, a friend of mine told his sister I was going to Africa. His sister told Lindsay's mom. Lindsay's mom told Lindsay (or something like that :). Lindsay found me on Myspace, and a few weeks later we were sitting together on a plane headed for Liberia.

Two years ago, I wasn't nervous about the prospect of living on a ship or being in Africa. However, I was scared to fly there alone. I'd never flown across the ocean or been to Africa. Secretly, I held onto a fleeting hope that I would find a travel buddy. But I realized the likely hood of finding one was slim at best.

When I opened my Myspace email and saw Lindsay's message, I couldn't have been more relieved. Aside from the practical comfort of not having to travel alone, I felt so certain of God's hand on the details of my life. He heard my insecure prayers, saw my fears, and acted on my behalf. I guess odds don't really mean much to Him. It might be a trite thing to say, but I'm so glad it's true. It puts my soul at ease.

Lindsay lives in New Jersey, and downtown Philadelphia is 35-ish minutes away for both of us (depending on how fast I drive :) We've been able to get together several times this year. She recently finished her bachelor degree program (yea!!! :) and is currently pursuing long term medical missions. I have been blessed and encouraged by her friendship and the work God is so evidently doing in her life.

Additionally, it's been wonderful to have someone at home who relates to both halves of my life. The sarcastic/fast-paced/tell-it-like-it-is/urban outfitters/Philadelphia half, as well as the vagabond-traveler/heart-for-missions/long-skirt-wearing/Africa half.

I'm happy I got travel buddy, but even happier I got a friend.

I'm glad God knows my needs, and provides for them in ways which are exceedingly abundantly more than I ask or imagine.

And maybe I should check my Myspace email account. There might be a message from someone who is eager to endure the two day trip to Benin with me :)

You never know....

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rictor said...

Oh Megan!

What a wonderful tale. I certainly wasn't expecting to know the Miss Lindsay that you were blogging about today but am so happy to see her again! I'm super glad to hear that you two have been able to commiserate over the intervening years. She's such a pleasant gal. She looks like she's trying hard not to smile in some of those shots; looks like you two must have had quite the day of giggles. Thanks for posting about her!