Sunday, June 28, 2009


I love seeing Mercy Ships friends in Philadelphia. Marla, who lives in Arizona, was passing through and had just enough time for a mini-Mercy-filled reunion.

Marla, Lindsay, and met in the Fall 2007 on the Africa Mercy. Marla recently finished her first year of medical school (yeah!) and is considering specializing in OB, in hopes of one day working with VVF patients.

Marla and Lindsay are lovely. We all enjoy laughing and gelatto, which made for a rather lovely afternoon.

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Wenikio said...

Hi Meg! I found your blog through another website and was enjoying reading through your posts. This post made me smile- Marla is the childhood friend of one of my best friends in Arizona! I'm heading your way this Thursday for my first trip and am pretty excited (and nervous!). Was encouraging to see a familiar face :)