Sunday, August 2, 2009

birthday party.

Two weeks ago I was sitting at Bab's Dock (a lovely little Benin getaway) with my new friend, Sandra, when we heard a song that pricked our inward love of dancing. Simultaneously we had the same thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have a dance party?"

So last night, we did.

This is a week full of birthdays on the Africa Mercy. Four of them belong to the faces you see on the flyer above. Jesse, Ryan, Suey, and Ali, are celebrating another year of being a 20-something.

Jesse is the lead cook, so naturally he baked a three tiered birthday cake (which everyone enjoyed). Sandra and I transformed deck 8 into a party, and our friend Enoch provided the music.

I love dancing. And I mean good, wholesome, silly, be-as-crazy-as-your-heart-desires dancing. I will dance by myself, but it's always better with a friend. However, I have learned that not everyone shares my love of being silly, nor the willingness to make a bit of a fool of themselves (they don't know the fun they are missing out on :).

Almost to my surprise, the dance floor was filled with silliness and fun. We had a large group of people from all different areas of the ship, and everyone just had wholesome fun together. No one was inhibited by any pretensions. We just enjoyed the company of one another.

Life is simpler on the ship and I really love it. It makes me stop and really appreciate moments.

Like dancing the night away on the top of a hospital ship in Benin with friends from around the world. Heaven has to be at least a little bit like that.


jenn said...

there are absolutely no words to express how jealous I am. Sounds like the most fantastic scenario I could possibly dream up. I am so glad for you that the memory and dream of Deck 8 dance parties is being lived out.

megan petock said...

sister you should be :)
It was wonderful. You would have been proud :)

Sher Sutherland said...

Although this isn't the first birthday that Ry has celebrated outside the USA, I'm absolutely sure that it was the largest and most festive birthday party he's ever had--on ANY continent!

Thanks to you, Sandra, the Official Party Planning Committee, and all of Ry's AFM family who made it happen.