Monday, August 3, 2009

pulling at my heartstrings

The kids :)
This is the sweet little girl. I (bravely) let the kids take photos with my camera. They did a pretty good job.

I intend to never fully grow up :)

Last night I was walking by reception when my friend Davey, who runs the Hospitality center, told me about 7 Liberian children who were staying there (Patients who have traveled a significant distance and are waiting for surgery or former patients who need regular dressing changes/other procedures, stay at the hospitality center).

The children are suffering from heart problems. They are being assessed by a Mercy Ships physician, using our electrocardiogram machine, in hopes we can properly diagnose them. There are surgeons in several other countries who have agreed to perform their surgeries. At the end of the week, pending a proper diagnosis, they will be off again to receive the cardiac surgeries they need.

I was able to visit the kids today and I can't tell you how much joy it brought my hard. Me + Liberian kids = feeling at home. Although I now spend my days staring at a computer screen, I will proudly say I haven't lost my touch. I was made them giggle and smile in less then five minutes.

My heart really breaks for them, for Liberia. Their ages ranged from 4 to 15 and only 2 had their moms with them. Apparently, a few of the children cried on the plane ride to Benin. I felt so sad for them. I told them I cry when I miss my mom too.

Of the five kids I saw, there was only one little girl, who was 10. Her mom wasn't there and she was very quiet, probably sad. I put her on my lap and gave her a back rub while we were there. I hope it brought her a little comfort.

The kids were precious. I asked them how they were feeling, they confessed they couldn't run or play sports. It was too hard to breath.

I hope they get their surgeries and I hope I can see them tomorrow.

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