Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The difference a day can make.

Anicette getting a bath on the ward.

Yesterday, at 9:30 AM, Anicette received surgery on her lip. She was back on the ward by 11:45, new smile intact. Everyone was pretty excited about this baby. All day, I heard murmurs through the halls of the Africa Mercy, "Did you hear Ani got her surgery?"

When you look at her precious little face, it's easy to see why everyone is in love with her.

But who is the most excited? That's easy, her mother.

For more than five months they have lived either in the hospital or the hospitality center. She has patiently learned to feed Anicette, watched the worried faces of the nurses when she wasn't gaining weight, and finally seen her baby get the surgery she needed.

Yesterday, after being told she could go into the recovery room to hold Anicette, she nervously paused by the door. When she walked in and saw her new lip, she, very appropriately, began to cry.

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