Sunday, April 6, 2008

out and about

After a three month interlude in Seattle, my good friend Becky has returned to the Africa Mercy. There is a list on our crew intranet that names all the people who are coming and going (it's quite helpful considering people are always coming and going) and when I saw Becky's name on the arrival list I must say I was rather excited :). Sometimes relationships can feel a bit inflated in that you make friends- very dear friends- but you wonder if you will ever see even a fraction of the people who have been your temporary family, co-workers, coffee dates, security enforcers, and adventure partners.

It's nice to see that paths cross more often then we think and that it really is a small world after all (even though I firmly detest that ride...). I'm glad to have Becky around. I'm happy our paths have already re-crossed. Now if only we could convince Dr. Russ, the fifth and final member of the legendary Nimba Mountain team, team turn-around to fly out to that would pretty much be a five star intersection.....(wow I am dork)

Anyway, today Becky and I went for a laid back meandering walking adventure into Monrovia. We took the few mile trek into the center of town like seasoned ex-patriots.

Going into town is always an experience. Although it's strange how accustomed to West Africa I have become. I remember my first trip to town; I was wide eyed, nervous, and finding security in my group of about 12 people. Now I just stomp around with one other paled skinned female friend and my moderately expensive camera. Funny.

Our excursion proved to be typical, lot's of men shouted, "white girl, I want to talk to you," and "You be my friend," and, "I like you." We each bought at least one lappa of African fabric. Three beautiful girls followed us around for a period of time. We almost got hit by a car. Our arms became decidedly red and our faces sweaty. I drank all the water in my Nalgene. A random, un explained parade passed us in the street. We waked through a fight that was about to break out. I saw a minibus that was filled with about 30 people. We stopped at a Lebanese-Liberian restaurant and ate hummus and drank coca cola light (we asked if they had any soda in a bottle and were informed that water was the only non-alcoholic beverage they had in bottles. Apparently, water can sometimes be mistaken for an alcoholic beverage). I almost tripped when walking about five times.

It was a typical outing. A part of me will miss the chaos in two monthes time.

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